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by Lovelynoir

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Drive was initially created as a collaboration between Zachary Huff and Christian Chapman before they joined forces with Pat Waclaw to form Lovelynoir.


Heart pains over everything.
Ears rang from last summer’s rain.
I lose and another gains
Some shit won’t ever change, here goes another flame
Or am I just dramatic like Hillary always told me?
Used to offend the old me, realizations happen slowly
Kinda appropriate that the new me embraces it
While some wear masks to hide their faces in, my eyes are facing in.
Stomach empty, less you count all the envy
Guess I’ve been eating plenty. Saving up all my pennies,
Cash my nickels to keep venting to friends and the dimes at Denny’s
on nights a quarter past ending when time is all that we’re spending.
Won’t prevent me from starving in spite of good aim,
cigarettes, and wood grain, love from girls that I could name
but I’d rather not. Hearts that broke thinking they would tame
my restless soul. I mean, I always understood pain
But I let it go… or didn’t let it show,
or lied and said I did and let animosity grow… I dunno.

Why do we feel these feelings? What do we find appealing?
Losing ourselves in bottles mistaking that shit for healing.
Why do we feel these feelings? What do we find appealing?
Going through our lowest points high enough to touch the ceiling.
Why do we lack in feelings? Who do we find appealing?
Letting go of all our lovers and hoping they don’t start healing.
Why do we lack in feelings? Who do we find appealing?
Laying alone in our beds while staring up at the ceiling.
yeah, conversations with Pat
got a little too drunk aint worried bout that.
yeah, Conversations with Zakk
taught me to be massive, I’m thankful for that.
Getting paid off verbs and nouns taking shots at Verve that’s a sound plan
care less about earning sound scans care more bout building a proud fam
Releasing music for free —— with hopes you’ll relate to me
Being broke at twenty-two the day before rent is due
while earning college degrees, you know what it’s like to be
Faded at Ballyhoo, all those papers are left to do
in the morning when you wake up. No heat in the house don’t freeze,
no gas in the car, just breathe ahh
And we ain’t even phased.
We’ve all been there at some point just pray that we never stay.
If you know me you’ve heard me say how I won’t, be satisfied
If dedication wavers recall, grandpa’s life.
That man, had so much pride I guess, it’s no surprise
his daughter, told her son “My love, always try”.
Wrote that with tears in my eyes and fear inside of my chest
Migraines inside of my mind I’m wondering if it’s death
I’m taking home all the bets and my name will be on your breath
by the time I’ve taken my last and you’re laying me down to rest.
Awh, But until then I’ll stay active
Who ever strikes first wins, so I’m not acting too passive
I’m not looking to pass it, I ain’t shooting for average
I’m not messing with rappers who think that I’m rapping.
That’s when Zach hit me up, that’s a rogue that’s my brother
Hadn’t spoken for some months, communication had sundered
since all our plans for the summer had came up short and I wondered
but now we’re good and we’re ready, all our castles are covered
Danny Sorrow’s in town, I guess it’s take over season
Never sleeping in the basement eating ramen while we’re scheming
Singing songs just like an angel —— eyes haunted by demons
they come out late to retrieve him I catch him when he starts leaning.
Word to E2, I know that you’re down to ride

Thoughts that cross my mind, smoking while I drive
And I don’t know where I’m headed
yeah, I don’t know where I’m headed
I don’t know where I’m headed
Somewhere south of heaven

Drive, into the distance
chasing silver moons.
Eyes that lack in vision,
eyes like silver moons.


released January 22, 2015
Performances by Christian Chapman and Zachary Huff.
Lyrics written by Christian Chapman.
Production, mixing, mastering, composition by Zachary Huff
Style Points by Patrick Waclaw




Lovelynoir Terre Haute, Indiana

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